13 Facts you didn’t know about Donald Trump

The brash billionaire businessman Donald John Trump (Yes, that’s his full name), nicknamed “The Donald” have become the focal point of media these days after successfully winning his spot as a US Presidential Candidate. The 70-year-old is known for his inflammatory style of speaking and controversial comments, but despite his outrageous and provocative remarks he has become the face of the news- regardless of the damage to the Republican Party and his own reputation.

Although most people know that Donald Trump is real estate industry mogul and hosted the famous management show “The Apprentice” but there are still many little facts that people are unaware of.

WWE Hall of Fame Donlad trump
Donald Trump WWE Hall of fame
Source: Business Insider

1. Donald Trump was inducted into WWE Hall of Fame in 2013 and have made 6 WrestleMania appearances

Trump appeared in a match called the “Battle of the Billionaires” in 2007. He entered into a bet the WWE Owner Vince MacMahon where the loser of the match would get his head shaved. Both of them had to select their own pro-wrestling representative for the match. Trump picked Bobby Lashly who fought Umaga, VInce’s pick, while the famous wrestler Stone Cold was the guest referee. Lashly won the match and Vince lost his hair. It was also rumored that Vince sold his show Raw to Trump in 2009 only to buy it back at twice the price.

Hollywood Walk of Fame Donald Trump
Trump Hollywood Walk of Fame
Source: newsmax.com

2. Hollywood Walk of Fame

You can find his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 2007, he became the 2327th star to receive the prestigious honor for his role as the Producer of “The Apprentice.”

Trump Board Game
Trump: The Game
Source: Buzzfeed

3. Has a Board Game called Trump: The Game

Donald Trump is the only presidential candidate to have a board game named after him. He launched the monopoly-like game in 1989 which was eventually discontinued after poor sales and dismal response.

Trump Vodka
Trump Vodka
Source: timesofisreal.com

4. Trump has his own brand of Vodka

Although Trump is a teetotaler (which he doesn’t look like to be very serious), he has his own brand of vodka called the “Trump Vodka”. In 2006, after launching the brand he self-described it as ” a superb product and beautifully packaged.” Unfortunately, it got the similar taste of medicine as the board game. The consumers didn’t quite like the product and the sales had to be held in 2011.

5. Trump is a germaphobe

Being a germaphobe Trump hates shaking hands or touching elevator buttons or anything that just bugs him out. As much as he hates it, you’ll occasionally see him following the suit. After all, he wants to be the President. Interestingly, he has this technique of vigorously pulling the other person close to his body to shake hands.

Trump Military
Trump Military Source: popularmilitary.com

6. Trump went to the military academy.

Trump was rather brash even in his childhood which doesn’t come up as a surprise to us. At 13, his parents forced him to the New York Military Academy to make him learn some discipline. He graduated from the Academy in 1964 and eventually went to the prestigious Wharton School of Business to pursue economics.

7. Trump was all set to leave for the Vietnam war but got lucky.

Trump was deemed fit for military service in 1966 based on military medical examination, but rather got lucky in 1968 where he was medically disqualified. The reason being “heel spurs” in both his feet according to his biography. Receiving a medical deferment eventually helped him receive a very high draft number, saving him from the war.

Elizabeth Trump and Son
Elizabeth Trump and Son Source: nydailynews.com

8. Trump wasn’t actually a self-made real estate mogul

Trump started his real estate career at his father’s company, Elizabeth Trump and Son, which focused on middle-class rental housing. The head start helped him quickly bag big real estate projects and now he owns, operates, develops and invests in real estate projects all over the globe under the name “The Trump Organization.”

9. Trump went through 4 bankruptcies

Trump-related companies have filed for bankruptcies on four different occasions. In 1991, Trump’s Taj Mahal (famous Casino place) in Atlantic City filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Soon, in 1992 it was Trump Tower in Atlantic City’s turn, where he was forced to give up 49% stake in the hotel to lenders. Then followed the Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts in 2004 and most recently the Trump Entertainment Resorts in 2009.

Trump Sports
Trump USFL Source: Business Insider

10. Trump’s love for Sports

In 1983, Trump purchased the New Jersey Generals in the inaugural season of United States Football League (USFL). He operates 16 golf courses all across the US and was almost through buying the Buffalo Bills football team. He has also been associated with wrestling and boxing. He has also hosted several boxing matches in Trump Plaza, Atlantic City including the famous Mike Tyson’s 1998 fight against Michael Sprinks. He has also served as a financial advisor to Mike Tyson.

Trump Miss Universe
Trump at Miss Universe Source: Getty Images

11. Trump owned part or all of Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA beauty pageants

Trump bought the company Miss Universe Inc. in 1996 from ITT Corp. He struck a deal with CBS for few years and finally moved to NBC in 2002 where he found success. In 2015, after lawsuits against NBC he purchased the 50% stake making him the sole owner. Three days later he sold the entire company to WME/IMG which is the official broadcaster of Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants.

Trump University
Trump University Source: Consumerist

12. Trump had his own University

Trump University LLC (formerly known as Trump Wealth Institute or Trump Entrepreneur Initiative) was an American not for profit university. It ran several courses in real estate from 2005 through 2010. The courses were offered in real estate, assets management, entrepreneurship and wealth creation with fees varying from $1500 to $35,000. After a series of lawsuits against the company, it was finally shut.

Trump Products
Trump Products Source: CNBC

13. List of things named after Donald Trump – licensing tycoon

Donald Trump has several buildings named after him all across the globe. He has golf courses, plazas, magazines, games, songs, bike race, and even haircut named after him. There is a long list of products for which he licenses his name “Trump.”

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