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Inquizitive Mind is a one stop place to quench your inquisitive mind. We look at mind-boggling facts and stories and try to bring them to your footstep for your thirst for knowlegde. We aren’t just an old and boring history site putting up all facts and figures, rather we try to dig up stories to help you flaunt knowledge. Be it sports, technology, people, history, entertainment or trivia, we are omnipresent.

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Saksham Dewan is a blogger from India, a quizzer, a chess player, and a finance enthusiast. He is a student at Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies majoring in Finance. He loves to write on topics he startled by, be it be anything. To fulfill his quizzing dreams he also runs a Business Quizzing Blog, bizquizwhiz.com not only to pursue his interests but also help others preparing for such quizzes.