13 Fun Facts about Wimbledon Championships

You would have known that Wimbledon is one of the toughest tennis tournament in the world. But we bet wouldn’t know these facts about it for sure.

1. Wimbledon is the world’s oldest tennis tournament as you may have known. It was established at the All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club (now known as the AELTC) in 1877.

Wimbledon Courts
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2. Wimbledon, the name of the Grand Slam actually comes from the district name in Southwest London. Originally it was based in Worple Road, but eventually, it was shifted to its current location in 1922.

Roger Federer
Roger Federer in all white!
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3. Wimbledon has a strict dress code. The rules strictly state that all the players must be dressed entirely in white outfits. Umpires can ask the players to change their outfit if it doesn’t meet the dress code. The same event happened in 2013 when Roger Federer was asked to switch his shoes because they had orange soles!

Rufus Wimbledon
Rufus, the Hawk
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4. Rufus is the resident hawk at the Wimbledon, as you might have wondered. It’s a Harris Hawk whose job is to keep the pigeons away riding the match. Interestingly it has its own twitter account.

Welspun Wimbledon
Wimbledon Towels
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5. The top selling items at the Wimbledon store are actually the Championship towels. It has an Indian connect. These towels are manufactured by the Welspun India Ltd. In their facility in Vapi, Gujarat.

6. The loudest grunt recorded in the History of Wimbledon was made by Maria Sharapova. She recorded a massive 105-decibel grunt in 2009, which is as loud as a power saw.

7. Wimbledon 1975, was the first time when chairs were provided to the players to rest while changing sides.

Wimbledon BBG

8. Ball Boys and Girls or simply the BBGs are selected from schools in the local London boroughs. To get selected, one needs to go through an exhilarating procedure. First, the headmasters of the schools nominate few candidates, these must pass the written exam and the fitness test to finally go through. The average age of BBG is 15 and girls started appearing only since 1985.

Wimbledon Debentures
Wimbledon Debentures
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9. Wimbledon issues its own debentures to the people. It is the source from which The All England Lawn Tennis Ground plc, the company which owns the Club’s grounds, derives  its funds to meet capital expenditure. The debentures for the center court and no. 1 court are issued every 5 years. During the period, the debenture holders get 1 ticket for each debenture they hold. Due to this reason, they are highly sought after and even traded on the LSE.

10. Wimbledon had the tradition of bowing in front of the Royal Box even though no one was in it. This tradition ended in 2003, an exception being the presence of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II or the Prince of Wales.

11. Around 40,000 tennis balls are used in a single tournament. All of these balls are hand tested for its bounce, weight, and compression. They weren’t yellow as well, as you have always thought them to be. They were actually white which got replaced with yellow in 1986 for better visibility on the screen.

Pineapple atop the Trophy
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12. The trophy for the men’s single tournament is a staggering golden cup. But strangely enough, it boasts a carving of pineapple atop the magnificent cup. No one seems to know the reason, but one theory says that the British navy captains had this tradition of putting pineapples atop their gateposts on returning home.

13 For some reason demand for strawberries and cream goes up during the Wimbledon. In the Wimbledon fortnight, staggering 28,000 kg of fruit is consumed along with 7000 liters of cream. These are specially handpicked from Kent and arrive early in the morning at the venue.

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